Michael Eric Lambert

Michael Eric Lambert is a French political analyst working on soft power policies, de facto/partially recognized states in post-Soviet space, and Sino-Russian relations after the Cold War. He received a Ph.D. in History of Europe & International Relations from Sorbonne University inFrance (2016), holds a Dual M.Sc. in Economics and Psychology (2014) and M.A in InternationalSystems, Challenges and Conflicts (2012).
He is the Director of European & Eurasian Program at the IEGS. Prior to that, he published articles at the French Ministry of Armed Forces (2014), has been a Visiting Researcher at the Centerfor International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada (2015), and received the Visegrad Fellowship at the Institute of International Relations in Prague (2017).

Email: michael_lambert@effectivegovernance.org
Phone: +33672029900
Twitter: M_Eric_Lambert